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Anchorage is a Unified Home Rule Municipality (officially called the Municipality of Anchorage) in the U.S. state of Alaska. It is also a census area. With 260,283 residents according to the 2000 census, Anchorage is the largest city in the state of Alaska, comprising more than two-fifths of the state's population. A State of Alaska Demographer in 2004 estimates the population at 280,000 but this estimate does not include the neighboring suburb of Chugiak/Eagle River which is technically part of the Municipality of Anchorage. Current estimates obtained from the State of Alaska's "Community Information Summaries" (CIS) website put the population of Chugiak/Eagle River at approximately 30,000 bringing the total population of the Municipality of Anchorage closer to 310,000 residents. The population is somewhat misleading as the city of Anchorage is larger in area than the entire state of Rhode Island. Anchorage was founded in 1915 and named after a place where a ship lies at anchor. Its unofficial nickname is "The City of Lights and Flowers", referring to its thousands of buildings outlined and adorned by tiny white lights throughout winter and its spectacular displays of flowers in the summer. Garden writers call Anchorage the "Hanging Basket Capital of the World" when it comes to the city's thousands of hanging baskets, and aviation buffs refer to the city by its former official slogan, the "Air Crossroads of the World", because of its geographical location between the two northern continents and its strategic location in the realm of worldwide shipping and transportation.

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